Decisions – How to Make Them

My Girls,
It’s funny, sometimes we wake up in the morning with an excitement and a joy, ready to start the day. Some mornings we awaken and immediately close our eyes, wishing to go back to sleep, uninterested or even fearful in what lies ahead. 

There are ways that you can deal with those difficult days. There are things you can do to help you cope, and to help you make it through.  Never forget that you have complete and absolute power over how you choose to respond and act to all situations. It is your thoughts that control your actions,  and over time, your thoughts and actions will form your character. 

You must respect your character.  You must work hard to turn it into whatever you want it to be. Your character will shine though when you interact with others. Your character will mould your decisions.  Your character will help to form your destiny.
As you go through life you will become a product of so many different experiences, so many different interactions and choices that you make.  There are countless forks in the road that you have yet to witness.  One day you will make the decision to pursue post secondary studies, or not. That decision will impact your future life experiences and impact the adult you become. I only use that as an example.  I am certainly not implying that attending university or college is a better decision than not attending (at least, I don’t think I am).  Ultimately, your mother and I want you to be true to yourself and pursue the choices that are most in line with your passions, desires, and character.

I will add that even though most choices fail to be simple “black and white” decisions,  there are some choices that are absolute right and wrong. You know many of these already such as being good to others and looking both ways before you cross the road.  There are others you have yet to learn.  If you listen to only one thing I ever say, hear me now; Never get into a car with any driver who has been drinking alcohol.  That decision is not only wrong, it is just stupid (I know stupid is a bad word, but Daddy can use it in this one instance).  I pray each night you have the wisdom and strength of character to make such courageous decisions.



About Wisdom4mygirls

Never wanting to settle for the current state of affairs and thrilled to be on this journey to learn, share, experience and laugh. My girls are my everything. People, business and human nature are my passion.
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