Coming Home – Dad Restores His Priorities

There are times when a husband and father need nothing more than to escape from the daily household and fatherly routine.  I know I experience this need about once a month – sometimes more often, and sometimes less.   Many times this escape will involve a gathering of “the guys” to watch a football game, play some poker or enjoy a round of golf.  It feels great to have those few hours in a different environment, surrounded by friends, and no longer held to the obligations of a family, or a household.  Ah, sweet freedom, where have you been?

When I come home late at night from these few hours away, I quietly open the front door, careful not to make any excessive noise.  I do not want to wake my family.  I hang my coat in the closet, slip off my shoes in the front hall, and creep upstairs.

 I open the door to my oldest girl’s room.  She is sleeping soundly in her bed with her mouth slightly open.  I can see the books that she read at bedtime, still sitting on her bedside table.  They serve as a reminder of a bedtime reading that I missed on this day.  I close her door ever so gently, and move down the hall to my youngest daughter’s room.  Slowly turning the door knob I peak into her room and spot her bundled up in the corner of her crib with her bum raised high in the air and her arms tucked under her tummy, I can only hear the faint sound of her little breath from across the room.  I will miss my goodnight kiss tonight; I do not want her to wake.  Going into my own room, I change out of my clothes; slip under the sheets and into bed with my wife.  Making gentle contact with her hand I drift off into a warm and peaceful rest. 

 The time after I arrive home and before drifting off to sleep are filled with peace and pride and total contentment.  Next month I may not need my escape time away. 

 My little ladies, there truly is no place like home.



About Wisdom4mygirls

Never wanting to settle for the current state of affairs and thrilled to be on this journey to learn, share, experience and laugh. My girls are my everything. People, business and human nature are my passion.
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